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How Do You Fix A Light Up Fidget Spinner

How Do You Fix A Light Up Fidget Spinner

How to fix led fidget spinner lights Not working battery gets loose after a while and the holding tab just needs.
How to fix a light up fidget spinner. . u get that from the county fair in san mateo? kuz i went there yesterday.
Stickbot animator gave​ me this fidget spinner This video is possible by stickbot animator.
so let's say later on your battery dies you can see this is a red LED there's a faint glow. but that's pretty.
This is a tutorialon how to fix lights on your light up fidget spinner.
Please enjoy my video and I hope my video helped you fix your fidget spinner that lights up!
Fidget spinner fixer.
Short video about fixing Fidget Spinners.. How to fix Fidget Spinner's light. ProGamer193. Loading.
This video is to fix the LED button light whcih sometimes does not work.
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